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Faith Like a Mustard Seed

abstract original art by bethany jo lee; blue turquoise and white with red accents

I wrote this poetic narrative and turned it into a video for my church several months ago. This morning I was preparing to write in this blog and wanted to post one of my videos, and so I happened upon this video again. It's about faith and how Christians grow in faith by coming to the end of their questions. Take a couple minutes to view the video before continuing.

Since writing the narrative for that video, I wonder about this idea of coming to the end of our questions and doubts. I wonder because the Christian walk with God is one of continual learning, going deeper, and a shedding of the world. As we do this, simultaneously we are still living in the world, bombarded by everything that the world loves and that we once loved but have turned away from or are trying to turn away from. And so, it is only natural, only human, that we will continue to have doubts and questions. Even while we answer old questions and respond to old doubts, new ones spring up.

But being a growing Christian means we will either have a ready answer for those, or we will search for the answers till we are satisfied, or, our faith will be enough and we can easily lay aside those doubts and questions. In the end, our faith is constantly being tested, stretched, molded. It's becoming stronger. And while we may not come to the end of our doubts and questions, we come to enough faith and knowledge that our belief in Jesus Christ rises above those doubts and questions. That's a good place to be.

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