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Faith That Doesn't Let Go of You

I actually started this website about a year ago, and then—COVID—and I became distracted. At that time, I had made several videos and posted them to this website (here, here and here), and I had one video sitting “in the wings” waiting to be posted.

Fast forward a year. And I still had this idea in my head to use this website as a place to share with other Christians, to encourage and motivate them to draw closer to God and do what they feel called to do. So I wrote the two previous posts (here and here). And I knew I wanted to make a video. So I looked again at the video I had made a year ago and couldn’t believe what I was watching. The video I made a whole year ago fit perfectly into what I posted last! The same idea I had a year ago, the same little “still small voice” that I was hearing a year ago, was exactly the same thing I am still thinking!

Now if that’s not God, I don’t know what is. The idea for it comes from Romans 12:3:

. . . God has dealt to each one a measure of faith.

The video is actually a poem of sorts that I created. You can watch it here, or you can choose to read it from the text below the video. Enjoy!

A Measure of Faith

Faith moves in your heart as an idea.

Do something.

Be something.

Say something!

And that something seems a little

too far fetched for you,

too irreconcilably invasive for you,

too decisively dramatic to you,

ostentatiously out of scope,




and maybe even just a little bit crazy, you think.

Yet, faith remains in your heart.

Maybe you turn it down to a whisper,

but it doesn’t leave.

It’s there, repeating the thing that it first suggested to you.

You might liken it to a nagging

or an itch that won’t go away,

but that’s not exactly quite right, because

there’s something sweet about it,

if we admit it to ourselves.

There’s something that aligns with us in it

if we examine it a bit closer.

There’s something that we recognize in it,

if we turn the noise down a little bit.

And there it is, in the back of our minds,

a corner of our heart—quietly whispering a song.

We don’t tell just anyone about this thing,

this thing we dream to speak,

this thing we dream to do,

this thing we dream to be—

if we tell anyone at all.

But we don’t let it go either.

Can’t let it go if we tried,

and we’ve tried, by golly,

we’ve kicked the thing to the road,

shook our heads in frustration,

averted our minds,

tried to close off our hearts

and then told it to stay all in the same thought.

Faith, that little bit of faith

wouldn’t go away anyway.

It was born with you

when you were born in Christ Jesus,

attached itself at the very hip of your

newborn soul.

A gift.

And its time.

Time to open up that gift of faith and see what it looks like.

It’s time.

Time to use the gift that God gave you when he adopted you

And set you apart.

It’s time.

Time to step out with that word of faith and see where it takes you.

And I promise you this:

If you do this thing,

If you summon your courage and do the far-fetched,

the out-of-scope, the overly-dramatic, unachievable—that thing that is maybe even a just a little bit crazy--

if you do that thing,

you will never be the same again.

Thanks for reading and watching! If you liked the video, be sure to give it a "like" and subscribe to my blog to receive my newsletter!

Amen everyone!

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